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If you take a closer look at our logo you will notice there are images in the O's.  In our life together there has always been a row of something growing.  Always a row to finish before dinner can start.  For years now this is the conversation.  "Kon, dinner is ready"  His response "Just let me finish this row" or "Just one more row"

When we were first married we grew oriental veggies - thus the first O is the leaf of the Napa Cabbage - rows and rows of them.  

After years of balancing day jobs and long evenings of farming we decided to pursue Kon's dream of growing roses and before you knew it our rose greenhouse was a reality.  

Now there were rows and rows of roses.  Thus the second O.  This was a beautiful living but very demanding as we needed to be there daily - no vacations for our growing family.

Now we tend rows and rows of grapes - the grape leaf in the final O.

Life is good - one row at a time.